Tuesday 21st February 2017,

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stoica olio

Stoica’s “oil-philosophy”, do ut des between humans and the Earth

Andrea Lucarelli and Andrea Cecconi, 28 and 30 years old, after two years of hard labour, have recovered 16 hectars of an old abandoned olive grove. Today they produce an oil for connoiseurs: Dop Colli del Trasimeno Bio, but also [...]

gennaio 10, 2017 English Version
Batta Olio

Batta Olive Oil, since three centuries a mission for the highest quality

A visit to Batta Olive Oil: a long history that binds this family to the olives since ‘700. And today Giovanni and Giuliana’s oil is a symbol of excellence, respect for nature and love for an increasingly more difficult profession. [...]

gennaio 2, 2017 English Version
cantina ninni

Ninni Winery, identity and territory. Gianluca Piernera’s natural wines

Grape Harvest at the Ninni Winery in Spoleto. In only a few years an unexpected success: today one of the most appreciated niche wine makers of natural wines in Italy. [...]

novembre 28, 2016 English Version
Legumi Bittarelli

Agricola Bittarelli: the “bean of Trasimeno”, an ancient memory of the territory

Next to the Trasimeno Lake, the company grows legumes and grains, following natural rhythms. The land is not just soil to exploit, but a value to transmit to future generations. [...]

novembre 14, 2016 English Version
birre le guardie

Le Guardie, from bees to beer. Honey-sweet artisanship

A visit to Riccardo and Arianna Cacioppolini, beekeepers and producers of honey-flavoured beer. From taking care of beehives to the selection of malts and hops. A success story. [...]

settembre 22, 2016 English Version
porchetta cariani

Cariani Porchetta from Bevagna, the Custodians of an Ancient Craft

A visit to the biggest company of Central Italy. This is how the most symbolic Italian street food is born, where to purchase it, and how to pair it with drinks. [...]

giugno 17, 2016 English Version
birra san biagio

In the footsteps of the Belgian monks. San Biagio, a beer that satisfies body and mind

An artisanal microbrewery inspired by the old monastic traditions of Northern Europe. In the “Accademia” line 5 elegant beers that smell of fresh fruit and spices [...]

febbraio 4, 2016 English Version
Marfuga olio

High quality products and territory as a vocation. The “extreme” Umbrian olive oil from Marfuga

The producer Francesco Gradassi is a pioneer of early harvesting. His extra virgin olive oil called “L’Affiorante” is packed with polyphenols [...]

dicembre 14, 2015 English Version
Col di Betto

Col di Betto, a new generation wine: respecting the soil and quality certifications

The winery is in the Doc Colli del Trasimeno area. Elisabetta and her 21 years old son, Raffaele “the hurricane” are the owners. Three wines: “Verzellino”, “Allegro” and “Terre del Cardinale” [...]

novembre 16, 2015 English Version
Milziade Antano

Skylarks, pure Sagrantino and Milziade Antano’s secret vineyard

A journey to the Colleallodole Farm in Umbria, where Francesco Antano produces wines with a strong personality. His wines have an honorary place among Montefalco producers [...]

ottobre 21, 2015 English Version
dolci giuseppina

Dolci Giuseppina, the flavor and essence of the Umbrian hills in a sheaf of spelt

We’re in Trivio, near Monteleone di Spoleto, to taste organic cereals and legumes cultivated at an altitude above 1000 meters. Their strengths: respect for the environment, genetic selection and family spirit [...]

settembre 21, 2015 English Version
antichi frutti orvieto

Ancient Fruits of Orvieto, the forgotten tastes of antiquity

Giulio Leonardi is a passionate researcher of forgotten varieties of fruit. In his nursery you can taste the fruit before you buy a plant [...]

luglio 1, 2015 English Version
birrificio 109

Fig, carob and sambuca flower. At Spello’s DieciNove, an ‘ethical’ beer you weren’t expecting

Four young friends are using the ancient fruits of Central Italy to create environmentally-friendly products [...]

maggio 18, 2015 English Version
valle assisi

Resort and winery Valle di Assisi, a ‘recanto’ where time stands still

A park which hides the seven wonders: a 4-star hotel, a restaurant, country houses, a spa, tennis courts and soccer fields, a fishing lake and a wine cellar where the Bianconi family wine collection “rests” [...]

aprile 29, 2015 English Version

Record numbers for Italian wines: the global market grows by 45%

According to one study, if the italian GDP had grown as much as exports of major italian wines have, today the country would be €500 billion richer [...]

marzo 4, 2015 English Version

From the wheat field to a signature bread: Granarium sets the standard for short supply chains

In Cantalupo, Gian Piero and Patrizia Lucarelli are reducing food miles: cultivation, storage, milling, baking and selling all in the same place. And the old millstone of 1929 comes back to life [...]

febbraio 3, 2015 English Version
locanda del teatro

Elegance and intimacy: a sense of balanceat the Locanda del Teatro in Montefalco (gallery)

A stop in Montefalco, where food is prepared in authentic Umbrian fashion and served with a refined sense of creativity [...]

gennaio 19, 2015 English Version
cantine aliani

Cantine Aliani: the vineyard, a castle and the dream of an “enlightened” farmer

Thanks to the foresight of their father Antonio, today the Aliani siblings produce high-quality wines. And the wineglasses are full of the taste of italian history [...]

dicembre 8, 2014 English Version
fattoria montelupo

Fattoria Montelupo, the way fine buffalo mozzarella is made

In Città di Castello, Umbria, there is a farm with 140 grazing buffalo. This family-run business produces first-rate buffalo mozzarella [...]

novembre 21, 2014 English Version

Antica Salumeria Granieri, where porchetta is a family art

Alessandro is a fourth-generation salami producer. In his workshop in Casalalta, he continues the ancient tradition of smoke cured meats [...]

ottobre 29, 2014 English Version
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