Aliveris, an Italian pasta unique in the world: wheat and soy germ to savor well-being


A great Italian classic that unites taste and well-being. Today in Umbria there is the production of pasta made with 100% Italian wheat, to load up on beneficial substances, without forgetting its authentic flavour. It is already an international success.

By Emanuela De Pinto

Pasta Aliveris“Life is a combination of pasta and magic” said Fellini. In order to be, or feel, truly Italian people must eat a good pasta dish. With its incomparable flavour, it’s a classic that can’t, and shouldn’t, change. Unless we follow the direction where goodness meats research, and good flavours meet well-being in a single bite. How is that possible? The creators of Pasta Aliveris were the first to have this intuituion, adding a small quantity of a very precious ingredient, soy germ, to the best Italian wheat.


At the end of the 1990s, two researchers had this idea: Carlo Clerici, a respected gastroenterologist from the University of Perugia, and Kenneth Setchell, professor at the University of Cicinnati in the United States. From the 1980s, Prof. Setchell, one of the 200 most important researchers in the world, has led pioneer researches on the benefits consuming soy isoflavones, which are abundant in soy germ. The two researchers became friends in Umbria, and loved spending lunch breaks together, tasting regional dishes, and pasta dishes, of course. With truffles, asparagus, or “alla norcina” Prof. Setchell always loved spaghetti. Among the numerous research projects of the two young scholars, they combined their passion for gastronomy with nutritional research, looking for a unique and heathy food, without subverting Italian culinary rules: an “elixir of life”. That’s the beginning of the creation of “the pasta for people that love themselves”, in the words of the brand slogan.

The name Aliveris means ‘Alimenti Veri’, ‘Real Foods’. Food of extraordinary quality, organic, made in Italy, more nutritious than the traditional ones. After years of research,  they realized that a small but important 2% of soy germ added to durum-wheat semolina, creates an innovative pasta. This pasta is produced only in the hearth of Italy, in Sant’Eraclio, Foligno, in a historical local pasta manufacturer. In just a short time the brand has had a great success in Italy and in international markets.


Prof. Clerici and Prof. Stechell started to work at the project of a pasta fortified with isoflavones at the time of the first published researches that talked about the interaction between nutrition and the prevention of different illnesses. It was an idea on the cutting edge, but the first tests were disappointing, especially in regard to taste and flavour of the product. It seemed impossible, in the beginning, to have an innovative and functional pasta without changing its taste. Aliveris had to be a  “real pasta”,  and it was important to use the best Italiani wheat: they also needed a producton process that didn’t change the typical flavour that everybody loved. After many years and many attempts, they decided to add only a part of the soy bean, the germ, rich of micronutrients, in particular the isoflavones. They are natural antioxidants that can only be found in red clovers, in kudzu, and in soy germ, the latter being the richest source.  


This is not a low calories food, poor of ingredients, reserved to certain categories of people: pasta Aliveris is like the daily dish of spaghetti that we eat everyday, but with added benefits. Highly recommended the daily use of this extraordinary product, just like Italians do.


The new company takes care of every aspect, in order to offer only the best to its clients: they use high quality and organic raw materials, the production takes place in a pasta manufacturer in Umbria where everything started, the packaging is essential and refined, and its communication convey the message of a healthy, natural, innovative product, that everybody can eat. They only buy Italian durum-wheat semolina, the best one, and if possible produced close to Umbria. Their research of soy germ is even more complex. They buy it from a society that extracts it naturally from GMO-free European farms. The pasta factory prepares the paste, that is bronze-wire drawn, to give it its distinctive ruggeddness able to capture the sauces. The brand, the formula, and the production process are all patented by Aliveris S.r.l. .


Pasta Aliveris– spaghetti, penne rigate and fusilli – can be found in Coop Centro Italia, in the organic section; in other parts of Italy can be bought in specialized food shops, but it’s also possible to order it on line on their e-commerce website to receive it at home (there is also an English page).

Recently, this project has been presented in London, during the “Welcome Italia” fair, for Horeca in Great Britain: it has had a great success. The Alveris brand is already used in the 5 stars chain Firmdale Hotels, London. Recently the brand has signed a contract with a very important importer for the USA, Mexico and Venezuela. With Aliveris, the Italian pasta taste, made in Umbria, is even better.


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