#FoodFiction: “Bartoloni: Family, Tradition, Wine”


Questo racconto è il risultato della collaborazione tra SapereFood e Umbra Institute. Dopo aver visitato alcune importanti aziende della regione, gli studenti hanno scritto delle storie di fantasia sperimentando il “product placement”, ovvero l’inserimento di un marchio all’interno della narrazione.

by Crystal Guevara

Inspired by a visit to Le Cimate Winery

Looking down on to the fields of Le Cimate Winery one last time as a Bartoloni, the image captured through my open, small, childhood window, makes me emotional. This beautiful picture seizes the uniqueness of Earth’s magnificence: the sun setting, the sky growing purple, pink, and orange, the acres of grape fields full of round, little, violet pearls and constricted vines climbing over one another, and the birds singing with joy about the gorgeous air and plentiful harvest… With many emotions bouncing all around inside my body, my eyes start tearing up. I will not cry. I just won’t. I will always be a Bartoloni… “No one can ever take the Bartoloni blood away from you. Our blood is strong, hardworking, traditional. It is an honor to be a Bartolini.” These words from my father were recited to me every week during my childhood. I do not think that I really understood what he meant until now.

Today is the day of my wedding, the day when I am changing from a Bartoloni to an Orsini. This day should be happy for any woman in the world, and I am happy, but at the same time, I am sad. With my window still open, I feel the Umbrian air caress my face, which pushes me over the edge. When I smell the fresh air, I return to the same little girl who was raised among the overwhelming support of family and friends, acres of land which are nourished by the earth soil and delicious food. With every deep breath of pure air, I feel my body relaxing; Looking out the window towards the beautiful sight and with the presence of lightly-blown wind kissing my face, I am reminded that this day will be the best day of my life…

After contemplating if I should get ready for my wedding or stay looking at this wonderful sight, my eyes overpowered my brain and was too captured by the setting sun to ever be removed. Thus, when I look out onto the green, plentiful fields, so many memories come to mind; running through the fields for hours by myself, playing in my little house on the lawn while my nonno and nonna chased after me, picking and tasting each grape with my father. Oh, my, I will never forget those wonderful memories… Memories, only good ones, come to mind, but the ones I remember vividly are the ones with my father and his business, Le Cimate Winery. There are plenty of images which spring to mind such as helping my father harvest the grapes when the delicious fruit was ready, giving tour groups to who come to Italy to taste wine, and helping promote the family business as festivals or parties. The remembrance of my childhood consisted of three things Family, Tradition, Wine. Thus, when my mother, the sweetest person gifted to earth, died, my father became my rock, and I his. We have helped each other through everything: droughts, vicious, destructive bacteria which attacks acres of fields, and, of course, the death of my mother. Her death affected us tremendously, for she was the glue which held the family together. If it was not for my mother, my father would have not been so successful in his business, and I would not have been the woman I am today.

My mother, Maria Bartoloni, was beautiful inside and out; she raised me to follow my heart and do not let anything stand in my way of achieving my dreams. Although it has been over six years since her death, I still miss her very much, for I feel like her passing away from cancer was just yesterday, and look at me, I am tearing up just thinking about her. However, this woman, how blessed I am to call her my mother, was a prime example of how I want to live my life because her life was full of love, especially her true love, my father, adventures, studying in South America for three years, and strength until her very last day. I would do anything to have my mother right beside me right now, but I know you are in Heaven looking down on me, mama!

“Dorotea… Dorotea Bartoloni… Bartoloni! Snap out of it. It’s your day; if you do not get ready now, you are going to be late to your own wedding. Oh my. Dorotea, are you alright? Why are you crying?”

“Oh, it is nothing, Sara. I am just emotional from everything that is happening today… I am happy, I promise!” With that, I drag myself off of the window pane, wipe my eyes, and start getting ready for the most special time of my life.

Paolo Bartoloni, the first man in my life to steal my heart is about to marry me off to the only other man who has stolen my heart, my high school sweetheart, the man I will be attached to for the rest of my life, Matteo Orsini. I have to think that this makes my father a little sad for his baby girl to be put in the hands of another man, but I know for sure that I have made him proud of the woman I have become. On the other hand, my father makes me proud everyday, for he is living his lifelong dream, owning his own winery. It goes further back in generations though, for my grandfather and his father was in the business of wine production; however, my father created his own. Thus, when I was around two years old, my father’s business was only fives years old, Le Cimate Winery,  and he produced around 80,000 bottles a year; his business was small, but it was successful. His products were some of the newest, most tasteful wines in the region. Before I was born, he poured everything into this business, such as his finances, time, and dedication, which took a lot of guts, but it all worked out. How could I not be proud of my father? He is an inspirational model to mold my life after!


The wedding has started, but it has gone so fast already, for we are about to start the reception currently! Looking back at the ceremony, it was a blur, but I do remember the most important aspects of the loving environment of exchanging vows, for I can treasure the image of walking down the aisle with my father by my side, the unity of Matteo and I while the priest gave us a drink of my father’s most famous wine, Montefalco Sagrantino, with historical meaning through the Catholic church, our vows recited towards another, and the announcement of which became Mrs. Matteo Orsini.


After the many courses of Antipasto, Primo of Pasta e Fagioli, Secondos consisting of sea bass and grilled pawns, and the delicious Tiramisu for dessert, everyone was becoming happy off my father’s famous white wine: Aragon. This wine can make anyone fall in love with one sip, which I can confirm because once I had a sip of my father’s wine, I met Matteo and fell in love.

Here I am; I am now a woman. It is my sixteenth birthday, and this day is going to be very memorable because of one special guest, Matteo Orsini. Matteo is the most handsome guy in Year 3, and he said he is coming to my party… my party! Matteo, the tallest guy with emerald green eyes which sparkle even in dimmed light and brown, curly, longish hair, is coming to my party… I am so excited. This party is going to be the best, for my parents are hosting it at the winery. Since this is a special celebration, my dad is going to let us teenagers try some wine; I am very excited to try the prettiest white wine, Aragon. Lets see how this party goes…

I can see Matteo perfectly. He is standing in the corner by the wine table talking with some friends, but why can he come talk to me? You know what, I should go talk to him, but I have to have an excuse. My excuse: getting wine. As I am walking over, I try to make eye contact with him, but as soon I as reached the table and grabbed my glass to fill it with Aragon, I hear my name being called. I turn around it, and it is Matteo’s friend calling me to go over there. Before I go to the group of boys, I fill up my glass. While I am walking over there with my head down, my mind is going all over the place. What do I say? I arrive and start talking with Antonio, a friend of mine, until he with the other guys disappear, leaving Matteo and I alone. I need a swig of liquid to wet my dry mouth. After I swallow the sweet, fruity wine, I look at Matteo in his mesmerizing eyes. I soon as we make eye contact, I fall in love. This man will be my future husband; I just know it!

Everyone was having fun. Young teenage girls are twirling their dresses on the dance floor with the teenage boys gawking at the sight, babies are enjoying the loud music with the expressions of laughter and gabbing away, the elders moving their feet as fast as their feet could move them, and the rest of the adults enjoying their time sipping Aragon. The dance has been really successful for everyone; I see everyone having a wonderful time except for one person, my father. Paolo Bartolini, with his exotic, bright blue eyes, was sulking in the corner of the dance hall. The sight just broke my heart, so I stopped dancing, and went to see what was wrong with my father.

“Dad, are you ok? I do not like seeing you like this.”

“I’m fine, princess. I am just sadden that my baby girl is going off and starting her own family now. I am proud of everything you have accomplished to this day! I am happy that I was able to raise you to the woman that you have become, for after you graduate from university, I am going to start giving you more responsibility with the business. You will be the next owner and generation of Le Cimate Winery. You are a Bartoloni, it is an honor to be a Bartoloni. You capture everything who a Bartoloni consists: hardworking, strong, and determined. Even though your last name has changed today, the blood running through your veins will always be the same… Lastly, you must know that mother would be so proud of the young woman you have become.”

After those words, I just held my father in a hug for what seemed like hours. He made my day complete, for today has become the most perfect day I could have ever imagined; his spoken words warmed my heart to a complete whole. My father, my rock! Today is one day which I will never forget, for I became a wife, an Orsini, and a proud daughter of my father and mother. Even though I  became an Orsini today, I will never forget the blood that is running through my veins, the Bartoloni blood. The blood which created who I am, the blood who created my father and his father, the blood which will never be diluted from history and the impact of the famous, Italian wine culture. The Bartoloni blood which will be running through my children through their children, for the value of Family, Tradition, and Wine will never be forgotten.

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